We take pride in bringing our military diving experience to the civilian sector at an affordable cost.

We service all lakes and waterways in Austin and the surrounding areas

Our Dive Services

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All services come with complimentary photographs of the underwater portion of your boat.

Underwater Hull Cleaning

Having a clean boating vessel means higher performance, more pleasure, and fewer issues. We believe you should not have to sacrifice gas mileage and performance because your hull is not maintained. When we clean your hull we will also clean the propeller, shaft, and anything else that has built up. By having this done in the water you forgo costly boat haul out expenses.

Some of the main issues you will encounter with a fouled up hull are the following:

  • Blockage of intakes that can cause overheating
  • Concealment of cracks, damage, or corrosion to the hull
  • More drag on the boat which equates to higher fuel consumption

Let SGT. H2O's Dive Services help with your overall boat maintenance and hull cleaning. Please see our first time flat rates below. *Rates are subject to change if you have an extremely dirty hull but all prices will be discussed up front before any work is performed*

15' or less - $100
16'-20' - $115
21'-25' - $130
26'-30' - $150
31'-35' - $175

36'-40' - $200
41'-50' - $250
Any vessel over 50' please call for pricing.

Our price includes an inspection, hull cleaning, running gear/propeller cleaning, and also complimentary photographs will be taken of your vessel. 

Extremely dirty hulls will be an extra fee to be discussed upon inspection.

If you are a regular customer of ours and invest in a quarterly, monthly, or weekly maintenance plan you will receive a discount. Please call or email for more details.

Inspection ONLY- Flat rate of $100. Free if done during cleaning.

Payments Accepted: Cash and Credit Card

Prop Repair and Maintenance

Small dings or bends in your propeller blade can cause it to be out of balance especially at high speeds. Even though you do not feel a vibration one does exist. It can cause unnecessary vibrations in your drive, lower units gears, and bearings causing premature wear. This condition is worse for larger propellers or stainless steel.

Large boats with brass, bronze or stainless propellers should have their props checked on a yearly basis and balanced at least on bi-yearly basis. Believe it or not even if you have not hit anything your propeller will likely be out of balance.

Our propeller service involves the diver pulling the propeller from the shaft and giving all necessary parts to the boat owner. Once the prop has been repaired or a new one is purchased we will put it back on and inspect that everything is working properly.

Propeller Service - $100 per hour (This includes taking off the propeller and all parts necessary. We will give the propeller to you for service or take it to the repair shop for a small fee.)

Search & Recovery

If you lost it, we can find it---- in most situations. There is never a 100% guarantee when it comes to recovering something like a wedding ring in lake water. However, military divers go through some of the best search and recovery training in the world. We will search for anything you lose in ANY body of water and have the capability to salvage small items if necessary.

Search and Recovery Fee - $100 service call (This includes the first hour of searching.) $70 per hour thereafter.

Zinc Anode Replacement

Dissimilar metals, galvanic corrosion, stray current, or salt water can all erode your metal boat parts. The answer to prevent this from happening is properly maintaining your zinc anodes. Zinc Anodes keep the metallic parts of your vessel from corroding. Exterior growth or a worn anode may speed up the process of electrolysis. Keeping your zinc anodes clean and replacing them when they are worn out will ensure you do not have any corrosion build up on your boat.


How do sacrificial zincs anodes work?
If two dissimilar metals come into contact underwater a constantly occurring stream of electricity passes from one metal to the other. This electrolysis causes corrosion. Typically, boats have bronze, stainless steel, and various other metals on them. The weaker metal will corrode first. By placing zinc anodes on your boat you add a less noble (weaker) metal that will corrode before the important and expensive parts of your boats.

Zinc Replacement- $100 dollar service call plus $10 dollars per zinc.
If this is done during a hull cleaning or other service it will just cost $10 dollars per zinc.


You can purchase sacrificial annodes (zincs) in a number of places:

  • Your local marina
  • Boat supply stores such as West Marine or Boat US
  • On the internet - boatzinc.com
  • Or we can supply the zincs for you, just let us know which ones you will need